Reporting Module



Firetail provides a reporting module, available from Report > Run Report. It is designed to help you to rapidly accumulate important facts about recent events for one or multiple animals.

Start by selecting individuals from the Open Files panel.

For selected individuals (checked in the Open Files panel), the reporting module computes

Basic Statistics

Report Dialog

In the reporting dialog, check the basic statistics checkbox to obtain the following statistics per individual:

statistic description
number of GPS locations the number of GPS locations in the given time range
distance traveled the cumulative distance traveled for all individuals. Estimation from GPS locations
total hours the time span covered in hours
min/max/average/median speed median speed across all individuals, estimation from consecutive GPS locations
min/max/median time delta minimum/maximum/median offset between consecutive GPS locations

Hint: right-click on a plot to save it as report element image.

Speed Distribution

A box plot of past speed distributions for an individual. (See also: Quick Stats). This gives an estimate of activity in the past month (days, depending on the selected interval).

Report Boxplot

Sampling Time Distribution

A plot of the distribution of sampling intervals among GPS locations. A uniform distribution of intervals will be visible as a horizontal line. Shorter sampling intervals will show in the left of the plot, whereas longer intervals will appear in the right (upper) half.

GPS Heading

This plot is a histogram of the preferred heading in degrees during the monitored time range.

Scatterplots of Events

This provides an all-against-all view of the all pairs of event data for a tag. It can be useful to detect correlations with battery decay, height or other dependencies.

Right-click a plot to save it.

Event Scatterplot

Track View

An overview of the track in the analysis interval.

Activity Plot

An activity plot for the analysis interval.

Distance Matrix

This matrix provides an overview of the

  • median
  • average
  • minimum/maximum

distance among all pairs of tracks.

Report Distance Matrix

Hover a cell in the matrix to get detailed information about the entities compared and their statistics.

Magnetic field calibration

Apply a magnetic field calibration if MAG data is available and show the goodness of fit.

FireSOM predictions

Load and apply a previously defined model to each individual in the selected set. Requires acceleration data and an appropriate FireSOM model.