Licensing Firetail

Firetail Editions

Free Edition

Without a registered license you are running Firetail - Free Edition.

The number of supported GPS and Acceleration samples will be limited in contrast to a licensed version. Several aspects are limited, e.g. the number of screenshots and the length of exported video snippets. Also, some features won’t be available (see for a recent overview).

Sample projects are excluded from this limitation!

Edition GPS limit ACC Samples limit Support
Free 100,000 1,000,000 limited
Trial 25,000,000 100,000,000 extended
Full unlimited* unlimited* full

*) license limit: system configuration (RAM, processor, HDD) may impose practical limits

Trial Edition

Request a trial license to temporarily remove most restriction of the Free edition.

Please use our License Request Form.

or contact us via

You may also reach this page via Help > Register... from within Firetail. If you need more detailed information, do not hesitate to contact us directly:

Choose Get Trial License... to contact us for a current license. If you already know the scope of your study/analysis in terms of hardware and data to-be-analyzed, feel free to include any details. We are highly interested to adapt Firetail to a wide range of challenging problems and help you get the best out of existing features.

Full Edition

Full licenses are available from

The full edition has no constraints. Further, you will receive technical support from our team of experts!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions (support@firetail).

Enter your license

Once you receive a license from our support/store, you may unlock your Firetail verison using the Help > Register... dialog. Paste or load your license from your local hard drive as plain text.

Unwanted newlines (copy-paste errors) may corrupt your license, try using Load from file... if your license is not accepted.

The license information is available via Help > About.

Bundled licenses

Some Firetail versions ship with a bundled license that would usually expire after 6 month. If you are a hardware manufacturer and you are interested in shipping Firetail bundled with your hardware, feel free to contact us (support@firetail).

Bundled license owners may benefit from manufacturer’s discounts.

License validity

Purchased licenses all valid for all versions published (built date) before the Free updates until date.

If you update to a later version than the Free updates until date, your license does no longer match the version and is invalid in this context. Please upgrade your license to work with the latest version.

For Trial and Bundled: expired licenses (Valid until value) are invalid.

License Field affects license validity after date stated
Valid until license no
Free updates until updates yes, for all previous versions

Note: You may downgrade your version and continue to use your purchased license

License expiration

Certain licenses will expire completely after a given amount of time. You may look up whether your license expires in the Help > About dialog.

Version expriation

We strongly encourage using the latest Firetail release for your work to avoid known issues and to benefit from the latest features that we integrate.

Without a valid license, Firetail builds will expire after 90 days (availability on our homepage).

In this case, please obtain the latest version from: