Data: Reference Data

Working with Reference Data

Loading Reference Data

Movebank and other projects provide reference-data files that allow for annotations on the level of groupings (individuals, tags, deployments). When reference data is detected alongside with your dataset (in the same folder), this will open as well.

Naming conventions

For movebank data the reference annotation is expected to have the same prefix as your dataset and a -reference-data.csv suffix.

For example your files could look like this


For cloudscenes, reference data named reference-data.csv is detected automatically and should comply to the movebank definition. This is a comma-separated tabular format featuring a tag-id column and arbitrary attributes like deploy-on-date that will be mapped to the data with the same id.

For details, see also: Movebank chapter on reference data.

Detected reference data can be toggled via the Reference Data tab on the left side of the main viewport.

Tabular View

Firetail provides a tabular view to work with reference data.

The format resembles the information in reference data files.

Click on the column header to

  • sort the data by this column
  • color the individuals automatically

The associated trajectories will be colored accordingly, allowing for a quick way to analyze group-wise behaviour in your dataset.