Sensors: Event Panel

Event data window

Many tags provide additional sensor data recorded as event data. Firetail support a wide range of sensors data shown in the event data viewport.

Inspecting event data

If events are available in your dataset you can visually inspect the events by selecting Event Data in the Window Selection Tabs (vertical left). Alternatively, you may use the menu entry Windows > Event Data to select how to see the event data (top, right, or as floating window).

The data will be synced to the replay of tracks and shown separately for every tag/individual.

Note: For larger sets of tags, a selection of subsets is helpful

event window

Hiding event data

Use a right click in the event window to hide individual sensors.

event window

Focus timestamps

It is possible to focus a timestamp in the event data by double clicking in the event window. This will highlight the corresponding events within the map.

A double click selection of a track point on the map will show a vertical bar in the event window that marks the current time stamp.

event window


Per default you’ll see the maximum, minimum and current value of a sensor in each sensor panel.

Burst data can be selected via thresholds on the event data like all data above a given temperature. Use Ctrl-mouse drag within the event windows to drag a custom threshold. The currently selected value will be shown near a horizontal bar that marks the threshold (version 4 and above).

Above and below

Use the larger than “>” and smaller equal “<=” buttons to choose if regions below or above a threshold should be selected.

threshold selection

Inspecting numeric data

Right-click on an individual/tag/deployment in the Open Files tree and select Show Event Editor to show a table of raw event values associated to each time stamp.

Event Editor Event Editor Window