Firetail 9

Firetail 9 – now available

We are proud to present Firetail 9!

For incredibly fast visualization and annotation of Movebank data, GPS tracks, acceleration sensors, IMU orientation data and much more. Perfect for movement ecology, biologging  and conservation projects.

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What’s new? – selected features

1. Version 9 features many performance and stability improvements boosting your daily routines

2. You can now import external annotation data and show it side by side with Firetail annotations or automated FireSOM predictions

FT9 / external annotations

combining external annotations with Firetail 9

3. Overlay your data with shape files, show park boundaries, adminstrative districts and more

shape overlays

4. FireSOM included – machine learning for rapid annotation at your fingertips

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— The Firetail Team


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New Tutorial: Advanced Annotation Procedures

We are happy to present a new part of our tutorial series on Firetail techniques!

In this part you will learn how to

  • segement acceleration data
  • subdivide and refine predicted categories
  • save your models and apply them to other individuals, tags or deployments

The tutorial has two parts. Firstly, a short lecture to introduce the underlying concepts and secondly, a live demo using Firetail 8 for an illustrated application in practice.

22.1 – Advanced annotation with FireSOM in Firetail 8

Experience Firetail 8