Firetail Editions

FeatureFree EditionTrial LicenseFull License
GPS fixes100,00025,000,000unlimited *)
ACC samples1,000,000100,000,000unlimited *)
Movebank time range access:
– deployments
– individuals
– tags
Incremental updates of Movebank projectsNOYESYES
Supportbasic support channelbasic support channelpreferred support channel & expert consulting
License Validityno license required for the latest version

valid for 3 months from requestvalid for all Firetail versions published up to one year after the purchase.

These versions do not expire for license holders.

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PricingfreefreeFiretail full license: 995€ + German VAT tax
+ no expiration
+ incl. 1 year of free upgrades

users of a bundled license will get 20% off the regular price (pre-tax)

*) unlimited license: the system configuration (RAM, processor, HDD) may impose practical limits on the number of samples that can be analyzed

Users about Firetail

For me, Firetail represents a whole new level of behavioral research in biology. Digitalization and recent developments in tracking technology allowed for an enormous growth in sample size and available data, yet small-grained pieces of information are lost by the increasing distance between researcher and study animal.

Using Firetail, this gap is bridged. The scientist gets up close to the studied animal again.

Dr. Jörg Melzheimer Cheetah Research Project, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research

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Owners of the Firetail bundled versions from e-obs or other tag vendors are eligible for a 20% discount from the regular price. Discounts cannot be stacked.

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