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The Schäuffelhut Berger team has been cooperating with numerous reputable research institutes worldwide. For over a decade our experts have developed reliable software solutions for manifold GIS applications. We deliver high-quality systems ranging from raw data processing and server backends to fast user-friendly frontends.


The very heart of any GIS application is a reliable server setup that provides near real-time access to a plethora of high-density data. Our expertise in secure, fast, and scalable network architecture provides a stable foundation for our partners in both industry and research. Become a part of our trusting long-term cooperations.

Data Services

We preprocess data sources and make them accessible in precise alignment with your project requirements. In this context, Schäuffelhut Berger maintains a fully featured Open Street Map Server (OSM) server. Reach out and be amazed by the opportunities that emerge from scalable OSM access.


Data analysis is our passion. Our set of research applications is complemented by our team’s expertise in solving demanding data science challenges. We conceptualize your requirements and provide targeted services to embed complex data: planning, processing, integration, statistics, AI pipelines and visualisation.

Data Provision and Services

Scalable Data Access

Conceived by the Max Planck Institue of animal behaviour, Movebank is one of the most frequently accessed databases for the tracking of animal movements today. We are proud to be part of this visionary project, developing core technologies for scalable data access, data services and flexible security management for endangered species and sensitive research.


Real-time infrastructure

ICARUS is a multi-national effort to enable remote sensing of global migration patterns via GPS satellites and the Interational Space Station (ISS). Since 2016, we are collaborating closely with the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behaviour to provide crucial software infrastructure for processing, visualisation and evaluation of transmitter data bundled in the ICARUS user data center.

GIS Applications

Software Solutions

Our Animal Tracking Software Firetail has become an essential tool for bio-logging workflows. Its visualization capabilities for multi-individual acceleration sensor data in a context of high-resolution, large-scale GPS measurements has been developed in close collaboration with field scientists and practitioners. The seamless integration of upstream data is crucial for conservational projects around the globe.

The Firetail Free Edition provides students and small projects with a powerful toolset for their analyses whereas a full license enables bleeding edge data processing for huge datases.

Your Project

Your Advantage

Our GIS expert network comprises

research, data provision, hardware manufacturing and project management!

Our long-term trusted partnerships are the key to durable, successful projects and enable excellent solutions for complex challenges.

Plan your success!

We embed your projects in a trusted and established context. Thorough requirement analysis, scalable tech stacks, reliable implementations; founded on detailed knowledge about GIS, Software Engineering, Data Science and Data processing.

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For years, we worked in trusting collaboration with the Movebank team to enable the formation of a unique compendium of GIS data. We’re glad to be part of this inspiring project.


The Max Planck Institue of animal behaviour has been a reliable partner for many years. Visionary projects for research and conservation are among the results of this fruitful cooperation.

e-obs homepage


e-obs devices reliably capture high-resolution GPS and acceleration data. Enriched with a growing set of environmental sensors this has empowered research with unprecedented detail and context.  e-obs and Schäuffelhut Berger share their enthusiasm for high quality solutions for today’s challenges.


Technosmart devices are designed to provide state-of-the art bio-logging data. High definition sensors provide many challenges, but even more opportunities. We’re glad to work with Technosmart towards a common goal: the best solution for our customers.