Firetail – Analysis of GPS and Acceleration Data
Towards a better understanding of wild animals


Firetail supports high quality GPS tags which track and record movement patterns of animals.


View GPS points directly after download from tag in the field. Handles more than 500.000 GPS points.


Display more than 10M acceleration samples – time sychronized with GPS points.


Firetail offers different visualizations and various options for processing tracking data. Select data by area, time period and more.


For me, Firetail represents a whole new level of behavioral research in biology. Digitalization and recent developments in tracking technology allowed for an enormous growth in sample size and available data, yet small-grained pieces of information are lost by the increasing distance between researcher and study animal.

Using Firetail, this gap is bridged. The scientist gets up close to the studied animal again.

Dr. Jörg Melzheimer Cheetah Research Project, Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research


Movebank is an initiative by the Max Planck Institute of Animal Behavior. Access your data immediately after the upload. Firetail provides you with an interface to Movebank and enables the immediate analysis of your public and private data sets. Load – explore – discover.

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E-obs devices reliably capture high-resolution GPS and acceleration data. The measurements are enriched with an ever growing set of additional sensors for temperature, height, orientation (IMU) and speed — empowering your research with unprecedented detail and context. Firetail supports state-of-the-art e-obs features natively. The perfect match!



Acceleration Data

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