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Firetail is fantastic

Lars Holst HansenInstitut for Bioscience - Arktisk økosystemøkologiInstitut for Ecoscience

[…] a whole new level of behavioral research […] The scientist gets up close to the studied animal again.

Dr. Jörg Melzheimerspatial ecologist and project coordinator of the Cheetah Research ProjectIZW - Cheetah Research

I’m impressed at how fast Firetail is, well done!

Simon Chamaillé-JammesCNRS, FranceSimon Chamaillé-Jammes on Research Gate

Modern GPS tags for animal tracking and bio-logging like e-obs or Technosmart capture movement patterns, acceleration, orientation and numerous environmental variables. Firetail supports virtually all available sensor data to provide a complete picture of animal behaviour. Full Movebank support for importing data directly from your account for visualization and annotation.


Firetail features efficient tools to completely and rapidly annotate modern high-throughput data sets. The FireSOM module autmatically segments acceleration sensor data and provides you with a robust scaffold for modeling and for the annotation of behavioral patters. Designed in cooperation with leading scientists and movement ecologists the workflow allows for manual refinement as well as an iterative application of local behavioral models.

Create gold standard annotations by interpreting behavior in the context of all available sensor and movement data!


Join observed individuals in Firetail to annotate behaviour, recognize migration patterns and interpret interaction. Restrict to custom periods of time and regions of interest. Observe your high-resolution data on arbitrary granularity. Streamline your daily digital workflow as a species conservationist to save more time for your valuable and important work.


Firetail can cope with current studies that encompass over 1 million GPS fixes and 50+ million acceleration samples interactively. Naturally, small datasets work as well. Field work has carried you away from civilisation? Firetail is capable to work offline. All trajectories and sensor data are fully synchronized, so all factors that matter may be taken into account.


Firetail v10

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Profit from our long-term experience in the field of GIS, animal tracking, bio-logging, software development and data science. Contact us!


Firetail can visualize tag data without internet access, in open-air research. Reach out to us and experience Firetail’s extensive range of data analysis tools!


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M. Berger, T. Petri, M. Gentile, and F. Schäuffelhut, “Firetail – a fast and versatile software for the visualization and analysis of tagged animal data”, Schäuffelhut Berger GmbH, Version 9, Aug. 2022. [Online]. Available from:


Movebank is an initiative of the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior. Access your data immediately after uploading. Firetail integrates the Movebank API and provides visualization, analysis, and annotation for datasets and feeds. With incremental updating, you never load more data than necessary.

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E-obs transmitters collect high-resolution GPS and acceleration data. The measurements are characterized by an ever-growing number of additional sensors, including temperature, altitude, spatial orientation (IMU), and speed — an unprecedented level of detail and contextual knowledge for research, animal welfare, and project planning. Firetail natively supports the latest e-obs features. A perfect interplay!