movement analysis and visualization for wild animal research

All your data

Firetail loads all your tag’s sensor data and provides you with a complete picture of animal behaviour.

Interactive Exploration

Interpret large-scale data sets in real time. Rapidly identify crucial regions and focus on what is actually important.

Rapid Annotation

Predict and annotate behavior from acceleration data with ease using Firetail’s built-in AI FireSOM.

User Feedback

Firetail is fantastic

Lars Holst HansenInstitut for Bioscience - Arktisk økosystemøkologiInstitut for Ecoscience

[…] a whole new level of behavioral research […] The scientist gets up close to the studied animal again.

Dr. Jörg Melzheimerspatial ecologist and project coordinator of the Cheetah Research ProjectIZW - Cheetah Research

I’m impressed at how fast Firetail is, well done!

Simon Chamaillé-JammesCNRS, FranceSimon Chamaillé-Jammes on Research Gate

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M. Berger, T. Petri, M. Gentile, and F. Schäuffelhut, “Firetail – a fast and versatile software for the visualization and analysis of tagged animal data”, Schäuffelhut Berger GmbH, Version 10, Dec. 2022. [Online]. Available from:


Movebank is an initiative of the Max Planck Institute for Animal Behavior. Access your data immediately after uploading. Firetail integrates the Movebank API and provides visualization, analysis, and annotation for datasets and feeds. With incremental updating, you never load more data than necessary.

e-obs homepage
E-obs transmitters collect high-resolution GPS and acceleration data. The measurements are characterized by an ever-growing number of additional sensors, including temperature, altitude, spatial orientation (IMU), and speed — an unprecedented level of detail and contextual knowledge for research, animal welfare, and project planning. Firetail natively supports the latest e-obs features. A perfect interplay!

Technosmart devices are designed to provide state-of-the art bio-logging data. High definition sensors provide many challenges, but even more opportunities. We’re glad to work with Technosmart towards a common goal: the best solution for our customers.

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