Andean Condor Fledglings

A fascinating project on andean condor fledglings is discussed in the recent e-obs newsletter.

State-of-the art data from the inert measurement unit (IMU) and high-resolution acceleration data work hand in hand with Firetail‘s latest features. The novel predictive segmentation algorithm (FireSOM) enables rapid annotation of an animal’s behaviour. The improved IMU calibration interface makes orientation readouts accessible and interpretable.

Discover how Firetail enables exiting perspectives for research in animal behaviour!

Firetail – Release 7

We are happy to present Firetail 7!

This release includes a KI-based segmentation of acceleration data that allows for the annotation of complete datasets in a few steps. Of course, fully integrated and intuitive to use.

The analysis of magnetometer data (IMU sensors) has grown more powerful, thanks to an improved calibration and further visualisation options.

For your routine work with Movebank, we included incremental data updates and time interval access for full license users.

The package is completed by the current manual and the popular Free Edition offering analyses to smaller projects free of costs.

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We wish you a lot of success for all your upcoming challenges!


Firetail 6 - Free Edition

Firetail – Release 6

Release six provides you with a range of new features and improvements.

The all-new bookmarking feature enables quick access to time-selections and subgroups. Annotate, export and import bookmarks for downstream applications like R, SPSS, Matlab or Excel.

Firetail visuals are now faster than ever. Experience data in-sync with an extended set of meta data and sensor data.

Export videos to showcase your work faster and easier. From short snippets (Free Edition) covering few individuals to full-scale bio-logging.

Get your copy today and see how Firetail will boost your bio-logging and GIS productivity.