Frequently Asked Questions

How can I open e-obs logger.bin files with Firetail?

For now, the logger.bin bin must be extracted via the e-obs tools available here: e-obs Service & Downloads.

The decoder is a command-line tool from e-obs.

  1. download and extract the decoder-v14-win64.zip (or later)
  2. place the executable in the same directory as your logger.bin file
  3. double click the decoder-v14-win64.exe
  4. Press ’m' for movebank and ‘Enter’

The resulting files can then be opened with Firetail.

PowerShell users can use:

.\decoder_v14_win64.exe -f G:\firetail\test-data\logger\logger.bin -c m -d G:\firetail\test-data\logger\test\
                         ^               ^                          ^ ^  ^         ^
                         |               |                          | |  |         |
                         file switch     |                          | |  |         your result directory (must exists)
                                         path to file               | |  directory switch
                                                                    | export as movebank
                                                                    action switch                        

Why are you guys so expensive?

We think that Firetail is not actually expensive. At the price of a single modern tag…

  • our experts provide fast, personal and high-quality support that copes with your high level of research. We are used to moving ground and your ideas will shape the way the next Firetail release will look like.
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